Atlas Chalet Shingles?

chalet roof400

Welcome to the newest scourge of home construction… Atlas Chalet shingles.  It looks like they might go down the same path as synthetic stucco and pressed board siding.  Lawsuits, big money outlays for home-owners and fear for home-buyers and sellers alike.… Read the rest

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When to Buy a Lake Lanier Home…

Is it time to take the plunge?

To every season, there is a purpose…

Nobody is thinking of lake homes right now.  It’s no wonder… the temperatures are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter.  There seems to be a breeze kicking up (good for the sail boats, not so good for the power boats).… Read the rest

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Check out the New Walk Score feature


We’ve just dropped a new feature into… Walk Score.

You can enter an address and see how “walkable” the neighborhood is.  alternately, you can check out commute options from the address to your work address.  It will tell you if there is a transit route, bike route or walking path… as well as the time for each (if available).… Read the rest

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What About New Construction…


Over the last few days, I decided to drop into a couple of North Gwinnett County’s newest subdivisions.  I wanted to get a feel for how sales have been going.… Read the rest

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Ruby Forest Snapshot June, 2014

Ruby Forest Price Trend 6-11-14

Ruby Forest is starting to pick up some traction, but there are some sellers that are going to let their best chance for a sale pass them by, while there is an opportunity for those that are motivated.… Read the rest

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