Real estate agents are supposed to send out recipes. So, for today, I have a couple of good dishes…

The first is Icelandic Insanity.

  • Take 600 hp
  • Add a 300 hp NOS shot
  • Gently place on vertical volcanic sand
  • Apply copious throttle
  • Fly
  • Then fold into deep water
  • Mix in enough throttle to drive on top of the water
  • Roll into a ball if needed.


For our next recipe: Loeb Monte Carlo

  • Gather up the following ingredients: Snow, fog, cliffs, crowds, tarmac, ice, stone walls, villages
  • In a separate bowl, mix: 400 hp, 2,000 pounds, all wheel drive, fearless drivers with amazing skill
  • Fold the fearless drivers in amazing cars into the poor conditions
  • Watch what rises to the top

I am a Subaru fan, and prefer drivers like Petter Solberg, but there is no denying that Sebastian Loeb might be the best rally driver of this generation.