I have another blog.  I guess we can call it “blogamy“.

Yes, I actually started blogging on a platform called Active Rain.  A/R is a community of real estate professionals.  I have alluded to it, and even mentioned it occasionally here, but right now I want to promote it for a moment.

There is a sister site to Active Rain called Localism.  My posts there go primarily into Localism’s Georgia section.  Some go into Gwinnett County, others go into Atlanta or other areas in Georgia.  Those posts are all consumer focused.  In fact, they are more focused on real estate than my posts here.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make the content here, and the content on that blog completely different.  Prior to that, I would often share content between the blogs.  So, feel free to wander over to my other blog and take a look…  Because of the built in readership of A/R, Looking out from the Garage has a lot more comments.  Some of the interactions are pretty interesting.

I’d love to see you there.

But don’t abandon this blog.  This is my favorite…