I have figured out that I am having a problem with email delivery. The issue so seems to revolve around addresses that come from:

  • Google G-mail
  • Yahoo mail

If there are others, I don’t know about them yet. We are trying to figure out what the deal is… but, it is tough to know what I haven’t received. So, if you have sent me an email that I should have responded to, and I didn’t respond, I’m not ignoring you. I really want to hear from you. Feel free to call my mobile number, 678-200-5895, or contact me through my contact form (link at the top of the page).

I value contact from my clients, readers and consumers. I can’t be in business if I don’t value both you and your communications. And, I hate that it might seem that I don’t value you or your email.

So, I apologize. Please don’t give up on me yet…



***Update, 2/22***  I think we have it back under control.  The whole email system seemed to have melted down yesterday.  If you tried to email me through my contact form or email addresses… I didn’t get it.  We seem to have the problems sorted out… but I’m still worried about Gmail and Yahoo…  My host needs a talking to.