I try to sneak into the local MLS every few eeks and take a look at the overall picture of 4+car garage properties available in Gwinnett County, GA. There are generally a good selection, in fact there is generally a better selection than most of the other counties in Metro Atlanta. Please keep in mind that the MLS rules disallow me from specifically promoting listings belonging to other agents without their written permission, so I have to remain a bit vague. If you would like more info, I can send out the sheets on these and other properties that might interest you… just let me know.

So, what is out there?

There is a pretty good variety of 4+ car garage home properties available in Gwinnett. Let me start with a couple of overall stats.

  • As of today, there are 148 properties on the market listing a 4 car or larger garage (or combination).
  • The median price (half higher, half lower) is $749k.
  • The high price is $8.5m.
  • The low price is $129,900.
  • The majority of the properties have a 4 car garage, only a few are larger.
  • Most common is a 2 car attached and a 2 car detached.

Let’s talk about some homes.

If you are looking for a 4 car garage on a budget, the first property might fit the bill. It is in Snellville, and has a 2 car attached garage and a detached shop that is 30×30 (metal building with a concrete floor). The home is 3 bedroom and 2 baths and is described as totally renovated.

At the other end of the spectrum is an $8.5m home in Suwanee. It has a 6 car garage and is in a private community. Of course there is a pool and pool house, media room/home theater and just about every amenity you could imagine… and only the best finishes. It was originally priced at $10.5m, and has 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 4 half baths.

Of course, most people are somewhere in the middle. And, in the middle we find a home priced at $749k. Here we find a house that is about 2 miles from the Mall of Georgia, and has a 5 car garage, 7 bedrooms, 4 full and 2 half baths, full finished basement and 5 acres. It has a barn. This house also has two full kitchens and laundry rooms.

Halfway between the median and the top is a home with a 4 car garage in the Sugarloaf Country Club priced at $1,798,000. This house is a 5/5/2 (bedrooms/full baths/half baths) with a full basement. The neighborhood has a pool, tennis and a great golf course.

Halfway between the median and the entry level is a brand new home in Lawrenceville. It is priced at $449,900, and has 5 bedrooms and 4 full baths. The 4th garage is actually a boat door in the basement, but I have found that those can be great places to assemble or display a highlight from the collection. In fact, I know of a few people that have built the “boat bay” into an incredible featuring the car as art. this builder also features a trade-in program so that a potential buyer may be able to skip having to sell their home first.

Wrap up…

Usually when I start talking about 4+ car garages people assume that the homes will be out of this world expensive. But, there might very well be one that fits your price range. Here is a little breakdown:

  • 10 homes under $200k
  • 5 homes from $200k – $300k
  • 15 homes from $300k – $400k
  • 15 homes from $400k – $500k
  • 9 homes from $500k – $600k
  • 16 homes from $600k – $700k
  • 6 homes from $700k – $800k
  • 6 homes from $800k – $900k
  • 3 homes from $900k – $1m
  • 15 homes from $1m – $1.5m
  • 17homes from $1.5m – $2m
  • 16 homes from $2m – $3m
  • 7 homes from $3m – $4m
  • 7 homes above $4m

So, while there is a good representation at the higher end of the spectrum, there is a pretty good distribution of homes across the full spectrum.

To get more info about a particular home, please feel free to contact me.