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Market stats for Sugar Hill, GA , December, 2012 indicates that there were 105 homes on the market. An increase of 2 from last month. Overall, there is about an 3.4 month supply (3.9 last month). There were 29 sales, compared to 28 last month and 31 last December. Of course, then there were 158 listings on the market.

For Sugar Hill homes priced under $200k, there were 64 listings, with about 2.8 months supply. There were 18 sales this December, below last year for the same time (24). There were 22 sales last month. Inventories have been fluid, rising and falling. This time of year we often see a slight decrease in listings… but we are already very low. In fact, sales may be stifled by lack of inventory.

Sugar Hill Listings between $200k and $400k, there are 38 listings for sale, and about 5.2 months of supply. Last December there was a 11.3 month supply. There were 7 sales then, this year there were 10. Last month had 5 sales. That makes three of the last four months look reasonably strong. We are in a slight Seller’s Market here.

For listings in the $400k to $600k range, there were 3 homes on the market. The absorption rate was around 3.0 months, but with 1 sale this month (and May, August, October and November single sales being the only others since last November), it is tough to calculate accurately. Obviously, a sale or two could make a BIG difference. I still hope to see some consistent activity in this segment.

In the $600k to $800k, $800k to $1m and Above $1m (combined), the sales are too inconsistent to have a solid read on, but there were 0 homes listed for sale in these price ranges. No sales have been recorded in the last 2+ years.

Sugar Hill, GA is a suburb of Atlanta in Gwinnett County. The population is 2000 was 11,399, but that only included the area inside the city limits. The name comes from a bag of Sugar that spilled on a hill while in transit between Cumming and the railroad in Buford. And while it is actually a big market, it is in the shadows of Lawrenceville, Duluth and Suwanee… which all are nearby. That also makes it a great location, as it is close to everything that Gwinnett County, GA has to offer.

I have a page dedicated to Sugar Hill Market Data.

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