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Norcross, GA, Market Report, September 2013

Gwinnett County, GA, showing Norcross

Market stats for Norcross GA, September, 2013 indicate that there were 134 properties on the market, up 3 from last month. Overall, there is about a 3.4 month supply of properties. The last year has been fairly strong… it hasn’t slowed much, if at all. September saw 35 sales, down from the 44 last month and compared to the 53 for July last year.

6774613538_9023a107b2_mIn the sub-$200k arena, there were 63 listings, with about 3.7 month supply. Sales are down from last month (25) and way down from a year ago in this segment, which is the main driver of sales in this area (12 v 43 – Sep13 v Sep12). For the last two years, the AR has been tilted in favor of sellers.

Between $200k and $400k, there were 55 listings for sale, and about 3.2 months of supply. This segment had been weakening for the last few months, but got radically stronger last month. The 17 sales were up from last year’s 10 sales, and from last month’s 15 sales. Even though it isn’t as gangbusters as some of the other areas, it is certainly better than the 28 months of inventory we had in December, 2010. I think this is starting to look like a pretty settled market here…

From $400k to $600k, there were 14 homes on the market. The Absorption Rate is around 3.2 months. The AR last year had been fairly steady all summer, then shot WAY up last September/October. September’s 5 sales were up from the 3 last month and from last year’s 0 sales. This has actually been a pretty good area for homes in this price range to sell… for the last few months.

In the $600k to $800k arena, there was 1 listing on the market. The Absorption Rate is at 3 months of inventory… but with only 4 sales in 2010 and 4 sales in 2011, obviously it is easy to bump one way or the other. One reason for the strong looking Absorption Rate last month was that there were so few listings. The was 1 sale for Sep13, 0 for Aug13 and 0 for Sep12.

The range from $800k to $1m, there were 0 homes listed on the market and 1 sale in Aug. There were no sales last year. Unfortunately there isn’t enough data for a good A/R number.

Above $1m, there was 1 property listed. But because of the smaller numbers of sales, the absorption rate could be significantly impacted by just a couple of sales. There is simply not enough activity for an A/R figure. The last sale was January 2011.


Norcross, GA is a suburb of Atlanta in Gwinnett County. The population is 2000 was 8,410 but that only included the area inside the city limits, and it has seen tremendous growth since that census. The City of Norcross revamped their old town a long time ago, and it has served as a model for other towns in the area. It is also home to Meadow Creek and Norcross High Schools. One of the things that Norcross is known for locally is the beautiful older homes in the downtown area. They have maintained their historic flair quite successfully.

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Duluth, GA, Market Report, September 2013


Market stats for Duluth, September, 2013 indicated that there were 276 properties on the market, down 16 from last month. Overall, there was about a 3.8 month supply of properties. Sales in September were 72, down from 89 a year earlier. Sales were up compared to the last month (65). Duluth had been slightly leading Gwinnett County as a whole, but not so much over the last few months. It is still in the Seller’s Market zone.

NS in Duluth, GA

NS in Duluth, GA (Photo credit: djaquay)

In the Under $200k arena, there were 74 listings in Duluth, GA, with about a 2.4 month supply. The Absorption Rate for last September was 2.7. Sales were down this year v last year (37 v 47), but up compared to last month (26). The Absorption Rate (A/R) is a bit better than much of the county.  The big story is still inventory… there were 123 homes on the market this time last year.

Between $200k and $400k, there are 74 listings for sale, and about 2.7 months of supply. Absorption rates have similarly risen, dropped and then risen again. Sales were up compared to September, 2012 (23 v 17) but down a touch compared to last month (26). Duluth is a market that favors luxury, and this segment is doing at least as well as I would have expected… but it might be constrained somewhat due to low inventories. It is a solid Seller’s Market.

From $400k to $600k, there were 33 homes on the market. The Absorption Rate was around 7.1 months. September brought in 4 sales. There were 8 last year and 3 last month. Unlike many of the market areas, Duluth is a luxury centric market, and had been doing better than the rest of Gwinnett County, GA, especially at this price level. Four to five months ago we saw a HUGE drop in the A/R. We’ve spent the last few months wandering around in Seller’s Market territory. However, because of the bump in listings and decrease in sales, we are barely back in Buyer’s Market range.

In the $600k to $800k arena, there were 32 listings, with about 6.4 months of supply. Sales were 4 for September… 9 for last year. And month to month sales were down a little (4 v 5). I would like to see three consecutive months with strong sales, and haven’t seen that for a while. Since Duluth does favor luxury sales, it has been looking better than the much of the rest of the County at this price level. That A/R is great, and getting better.

In Duluth, GA, from $800k to $1m, there were 20 homes listed and approximately 6.0 months of inventory on the market. The 3 sales for September wasn’t as good as the 5 last year but flat to the 3 last month. Sales haven’t been moving much for the last couple of months, but 10 sales for the last 3 months were well over the same 3 months from last year (5 sales).

Above $1m, there were 43 properties listed. The current absorption rate indicated about 25.8 months of inventory. A couple of sales at this level could have a large impact on the Absorption Rates. There were 5 sales in the Jul-Sep period this year, and 6 for the same time last year. We should be posting 3-5 sales a month here regularly… and we fell short the last few months but barely had a start with it this month with 1 sale. There were 3 sales last year and there were 2 last month.


Duluth, GA is a suburb of Atlanta, in the heart of Gwinnett County. It actually straddles the county line and has unincorporated portions in South Forsyth County. The population of Duluth is estimated as about 26,000 people as of 2008, but this doesn’t include unincorporated areas outside the city limits, but with a Duluth mailing address. It is also home to Sugarloaf Country Club, a PGA stop until recently. Forbes Magazine rated Duluth 26th in their nationwide survey of the best places to move, and it is one of the wealthiest parts of Georgia. It is also home to the Arena at Gwinnett Center (Home of the ECHL Gwinnett Gladiators) and the former Atlanta Thrashers practice facility (the Duluth Ice Forum). There is a LONG list of celebrities and athletes that call Duluth home, largely because of the country clubs and proximity to Atlanta.


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Lawrenceville, GA Market Report, September 2013

Gwinnett County Georgia Lawrenceville

Market stats for Lawrenceville, GA, September, 2013, indicate that there were 680 properties on the market, up 15 from last month. Overall, there was about a 3.3 month supply of properties. In 2012, sales for September were at 234, so 203 sales was a decrease, year over year. Last month’s sales were at 207. But, coupled with the decrease in inventory, things are still looking reasonably good. Normally the market picks up from January-February through about June-August. This month we are OK, but some are arguing that constrained inventories are still holding back sales or we could be looking even better.

English: Gwinnett County Historic Courthouse, ...

English: Gwinnett County Historic Courthouse, Lawrenceville GA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For Lawrenceville, GA, Homes Under $200k, there are 449 listings, with about a 2.7 month supply of homes. Sales were down from September, 2012 (172 v 218), although sales may very well be off because of constrained inventories. Last year in this segment, there were almost 700 listings v under 450 now. This segment is easily the lion’s share of sales for the area. With the 2.67 month A/R, it is solidly in Seller’s Market territory. The low Absorption Rate (AR) is due to very strong sales, coupled with dramatically lower listing inventories. Month over month sales were up from 171 last month.

Between $200k and $400k, there are 201 listings for sale, and about 5.7 months of supply. Oddly, this had one of the mid-pack segments in the county, now it’s on the weak side. The 30 sales for September, 2013 was under the 33 from last month, but a bit better than the 13 sales last year. We are barely into Seller’s Market territory here… again. Month to month there is a lot of volatility, but over the longer term, it is WAY better than it had been.

From $400k to $600k, there are 23 homes on the market. The absorption rate is around 8.6 months. However, with the level of sales in this segment, a couple of sales added or subtracted can have a HUGE impact. There was 1 sales for September, the Absorption Rate has dropped from 78 months June11, through good, but sporadic sales. This is acting like a luxury market and the A/R is jumping all over the place… with just a few sales (A/R was 25.5 six months ago). While the long term trend was looking a little better, now it is still pretty choppy.

In the $600k to $800k arena, there are 5 listings, with about 15 months of supply. As with the next lower priced segment, a couple of sales makes a big difference and there were 0 sales in September. There were only 6 sales at this level in all of 2011. There were 4 sales in 2012. May and July booked the only previous sales so far in 2013.

Between $800k and $1M, and Above $1M there are 2 homes listed (combined) and not enough sales data to give an accurate absorption rate. Until this month, there had only been one sale in this range in the last 3 years (Aug, 2010), according to FMLS. But, there was 1 sale in July 12. It was over $1M, if that makes a difference…


English: A view of the Aurora Theatre from Pik...

English: A view of the Aurora Theatre from Pike Street in Lawrenceville Georgia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lawrenceville is in Gwinnett County, GA, just outside of Atlanta. As of the 2000 Census, there were 22,937 people in Lawrenceville, but that is only including people in the city limits, and there has been a lot of growth since 2000 in Gwinnett County (2008 estimates from the Census Bureau peg population around 29,000). It was incorporated in 1821. Lawrenceville is home to Central Gwinnett High School, and also has students that the Mountain View and Archer clusters. It is also home to Gwinnett Technical College and Georgia Gwinnett College. Another recent addition to Lawrenceville is that it is home to the Gwinnett Braves, playing at the Gwinnett Stadium on GA20 between I-85 and GA316. Possibly the most famous resident of Lawrenceville was Oliver Hardy. As a small boy he lived in Lawrenceville with his parents for a short time. Lawrenceville was also home to Junior Samples. Some of its other residents included Jeff Francouer, Brian McCann and Jennifer Ferrin.


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Buford, GA, Market Report, September 2013

Gwinnett County Georgia Buford

Market stats for Buford, GA, Sept, 2013 indicate that there were 334 properties on the market, a decrease of 6 from last month. Overall, there was about an 4.1 month supply of properties (Absorption Rate or A/R). There were 81 sales for August, down from 86 last month and well up from the 67 sales Sep12. It isn’t the strongest market in Gwinnett, but the A/R is nothing to sneeze at. It is still in Seller’s Market territory.


DSCN0574 (Photo credit: lane.bailey)

In the sub-$200k arena, there were 108 listings, with a 2.4 month supply. This was the largest price segment in this market area, so strength here usually equaled strength across the whole local market area. Sales were down from last month 42 (v 49 last month), and down compared to last year (47 sales in Sep12). But, the A/R is well under the 6 months that would be considered fairly balanced… pointing towards a solid seller’s market. This time of year we are usually seeing a decrease is sales… and listings.

Between $200k and $400k, there were 159 listings for sale, and about 5.1 months of supply. The 34 sales recorded were up from the 29 last month and way up from the 14 sales last year for September. This had been one of the weaker segments in the county, but had improved dramatically until a few months ago it was fairly balanced, though tilted towards buyers… now it is a little less into Seller’s Market territory.

From $400k to $600k, there were 45 homes on the market. The absorption rate is 7.5 Months. There have been 18 sales in the last 3 months (6 for July, 7 in August and 5 in September). When the market is rolling, there should be 5-7 sales a month during this part of the year. Just for comparison, there were 8 sales in the Jul-Sep period in 2012. This segment has been bouncing all over the place, though… (as a note, the A/R was 17.25 two months ago).

In the $600k to $800k arena, there were 9 listings. Absorption Rate is 54 months… but it jumps around a lot. Sales in this range are pretty sporadic, but steady when looking at the long-term. The drop in inventory over the last few months from 14 homes to 9 had made things look less slow… but they are back on the rise. There was 0 sales in September last year and 0 in August this year. There were 0 sales in September this year.

The range from $800k to $1m, there were 4 homes listed. Trends are hardly definable. Listings are down. February was the last recorded sale. There was 0 sales in September. So it now has a 48.0 month Absorption Rate. (the decrease in listings is what dropped the A/R)

Above $1m, there were 9 properties listed. There was sale in the segment in April… of 2009…and then May, 2011… and 2 sales in June, 2011… also 1 in July and September, 2012. There was 1 sale in August. So, we have 13.5 months of inventory. I am hoping, but am not expecting, sales to be more consistent.

Buford, GA is a suburb of Atlanta in Gwinnett and Hall Counties. The population is 2000 was 10,668, but that only included the area inside the city limits, and it had seen tremendous growth since that census. Buford is home to Lake Lanier, one of Georgia’s premiere recreational areas, and Lake Lanier Islands. Recently, the City of Buford has revamped their old town. It is also home to Buford (Buford City Schools aren’t a part of Gwinnett County Schools), Mill Creek, Mountain View and Lanier High School (Lanier opened for the 2010-11 school year).

I have a page dedicated to Buford Market Data.

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Looking For Listings? Want to See What’s For Sale?


We have that…

A few weeks back we quietly snuck on a new listings search tool.  We’ve been playing with it and had it public, but hadn’t really announced it…

Ta Daaa

Atlanta Downtown Connector at night

Atlanta Downtown Connector at night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to look at properties around Atlanta, check it out.  There is always a link at the top of the page under Home Search > Listings.  It is pretty cool.  We’d LOVE to get your feedback, too.

One of the nifty things is that the folks that wrote this IDX platform are local… right here in the Atlanta area.  I have had the opportunity to meet with them a few times and we have talked about features and options.  They are pretty good guys, so if there are specific features that you think would be cool, let me know and I can pass the word along.

Feel free to set up and account and save searches.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to hound you until the end of time to buy a home just because you set up a free account.

Just enjoy…

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