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Video Sunday… WRC, 2009 in review

The 2009 Rally season is over… it is almost time for 2010 to begin.  Here are some “Season in Review” videos.  Enjoy.

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Motoring Monday… WRC

The 2009 World Rally Championship is over… and the 2010 World Rally Championship will begin in about a month.

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Ken Block, Ford, WRC?

Ken Block
Image by Mike_da_Kiwi via Flickr

I have posted several Ken Block – Subaru – Monster Energy Drink videos here on my blog.  The guy is an AMAZING talent behind the wheel.  He has been running the Rally America series since 2005, and has been a crowd favorite.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic (and Pacific), the World Rally Championship (WRC) has lost American viewership.  Aside from there no American drivers or teams, the series hasn’t been televised in the US for a couple of years.

Now, Ken Block seems to be in negotiation with Ford to campaign a Monster Energy sponsored car for them, along with Chris Atkinson.

Check out the stories on Autosport and The Garage.

It would be really nice to have WRC events on TV here again…

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Ken Block’s Latest… Wow…

Image by formulaphoto via Flickr

I just ran across the latest Gymkhana Video from the mind (and right foot) of Ken Block.

If you haven’t watched any of his other videos, you really need to get out more…  Search “Ken Block” on YouTube or Google (videos).  The guy is amazing.

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Snow Day! Video Sunday…

If you haven’t heard, it snowed in the Atlanta area today.  We had to take hockey boy to practice… so we went out in it.  It wasn’t bad, but it did remind me of something.

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