Ken Cook over at Novation Mortgage tossed out a post yesterday on one of his blogs giving some particulars.  Below are a few quotes, and of course I provided a link to the original:

Remember, advertisements for lower rates generally require discount points – DiTech likes to use 2% of the loan amount – and unrealistic credit scores such as 731 and above. These are real rates, no discount points, 80% LTV, full doc, FNMA, 680 middle score. 

5/1 ARM (Five Year Fixed Period) 1.00 Origination 4.875 Interest 5.14APR (Start) $1,270.10 P&I
30 Year Fixed Mortgage 1.00 Origination 5.625 Interest 5.91APR (Fixed for30 Years) $1,381.58 P&I

Ken and his team are local.  They operate quite differently than the big national “no-brainer” folks.  The numbers they give you stick.

If you are thinking about buying a house, the climate is not bad at all.  There is a good inventory.  The rates obviously rock.  If you are selling a home, it needs to be competitively priced and well presented.  If you don’t get what you expect in the sale, you may just make up for it on the purchase of the next home.

Call Ken at Novation (feel free to call a few lenders and compare… I’m not completely plugging Ken) and then call me.  I have a line on some really cool garage homes.

Novation    678-946-0100

Lane              678-200-5895

I have been awful serious about real estate this week…  I’ll have to work on that.