Turn the beat around…  Changes.

No, I’m not stopping this blog, but it will re-gain its real estate and garage focus.  For the last 4 years, I have been churning this blog out almost every day.  But around a third of my posts have been about cars.  (I really like cars…).

But this is supposed to be a real estate blog.  I have a lot of ideas to make it a better real estate blog.  But the cars I going to get parked in a new garage.


That will be the place where I write about cars.  This will be the place where I write about real estate, the real estate market and garages.

I have some great garage posts and posts about things that sellers can do to give their homes better curb appeal.  I also will be bringing in occasional guest writers to talk about specific things like mortgages, home inspection or other disciplines related to buying or selling real estate.

At the same time, while I get the new site launched and rolling, this one will drop down to 3-4 updates each week, rather than the 5-6 updates a week of the last few months.

I hope you remain a reader, and I also hope you join me over at Cool Car of the Day.