Garrett with a BIG guySunday…  All-Star Game day.  Once again, I didn’t get to drive Alyssa Milano and family…

I was assigned to drive Rob Carr, VP of the Detroit Red Wings.  I’d give a link with his bio, but I couldn’t really find one.

I grabbed some lunch after chilling in the lounge for a while, and as I started eating, I got the call to pick up Rob and his lovely wife.  So, chomping fries as I scooted down to the van, and ran over to the Ritz-Carlton.  I drove them to the Georgia Aquarium and then sent their bags to the Red Wing’s cargo van.

I cooled my heels in the deck of the Aquarium for a couple of hours… and the Carrs decided to walk to Philips (I assume, because nobody let me know they were out…).

I ran a coat left in the van over to the arena to their cargo van and then went back to the Westin to chill until I took Marta back home.

One of the things that has been the most fun has been hanging out in the lounge or in the staging areasSkills Competition with the other drivers.  There are some serious hockey fans in the driver pool… I have nothing on these guys.  Not only do they know all of the actual news in the league, but they know the rumors.  And they have a serious network.

I forgot to strap on the camera today, so no pics… and really nothing to shoot.  So, I added some more from yesterday.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  That will be the final push to get everyone out of town that isn’t chartered out after the game tonight.  Hopefully I’ll get some great names… You’ll see it here…

I’ll be back on real estate Tuesday.