If you are a buyer, how would you like to be able to hit a virtual tour for a house you are interested in, and then pull up the floor plan and load your furniture into the house to see how it fits?

You could pull your cars into the garage. Check to see how the speakers can be arranged in the media room. Make sure that there is a good workflow pattern to the kitchen. Make sure that your furniture fits and can be arranged with good groupings and traffic patterns.

As a buyer, would that make you more interested in the house?

But wait, there’s more…

How about if there were pictures of the rooms and outside of the house… and you could go in and redecorate. Change the floors to hardwoods. Paint the walls. Paint the house.

Would that help to make you more interested in the house?

As a seller, wouldn’t you want to have THAT kind of experience for the people interested in your home? Wouldn’t that rate better than a couple of fuzzy shots from someone’s low resolution phone camera? Want to see it? Call me…  My next listing will be getting this for free.

Isn’t technology cool?