As many of you know, we have had Thrasher’s season tickets for quite a while. Our seats are pretty good, too. We are offering up a 1/3 share of the games for the 2008-2009 season. The deadline from the Thrashers is Mar 7th.

Our seats are Sec. 120, row D, seats 12 and 13. They are on the aisle behind the attack twice goal. Since the NHL got rid of the Goal Judge box, the seats have gotten much better. Cost for the share is about $2235. This also includes a parking pass for all of the games at the CNN deck. It has a great entrance that is almost never crowded. We are also looking at picking up a seat that is in the row behind us. If we add that in, it would add another $1050 to the package.

15% is due now, and then we are on an 8 month installment plan. They can pay us by check, or the Thrashers can charge their credit card.

If interested, let me know.

BTW, we select the games by counting off every third game, and then ticket holders are allowed to trade as needed.

Playoff games for this year are also an option.