I haven’t posted much in the way of cool garage stuff lately, and I am sorry I have been remiss.  So, in the spirit of catching up a little, here are some handy garage links to some groovy cool products.

Garage Wall Wraps is for those with high end display garages.   While the product can also be used for other rooms (kid’s room, game room, etc.) what it really does is make a dramatic backdrop for staging vehicles in the garage.  Their website is under development, but there are a few cool images there. Tread pattern G-floor

Floors are a tough spot in garages.  To make the pretty, one usually sacrifices utility.  Of course, a lot of the compromise comes down to ultimate usage.  For some of us, those that weld and plasma cut and do some heavy duty wrenching, there aren’t any real great alternatives.  Personally, I am moving towards the idea of segmenting the garage based on purpose.  When my ugly Jeepster stops taking up the whole thing, I will make one side have a pretty floor, and the other side will be for the heavy work.  A product for the pretty side is G-Floor.   It is a roll-out flooring system.  It won’t stand up to welding spatter and plasma slag, but can stand up to things like jacks stands (with some modifications*).  And it beats the heck out of laying on concrete.

Unique GarageSo, kind of bridging the gap between a display garage and a working garage is cabinetry.  The has to be a place to put the tools…  For someone that is serious, built in cabinetry is the answer.  And, why leave it alone?  We tweak our Hot Rods to be a bit cooler.  So, enter Unique Garage.  They make garage cabinets with graphics.

I had mentioned modifying my jackstands.  What I would do with a floor like this is to weld a flat plat to the bottom of the jackstands.  With the corners slightly bent up, and the edges ground with a slight chamfer, they would be less likely to damage the flooring while bearing weight.  Of course, I keep a few welding blankets around as well.