WhatthehayeFor those that haven’t heard, legendary car builder Boyd Coddington died Wednesday, February 25th in Whittier, CA. Here is a link to one of the news stories. He was 63.

If you don’t know who Boyd Coddington was, here is a quick rundown. CadZZilla

  • Coddington wheels… he started the billet trend.
  • Hot Rods by Boyd.
  • Chip Foose and Jesse James worked for him.
  • American Hot Rod on TLC.
  • CadZZilla.
  • His Delahaye inspired Whatthehaye… which auctioned for $540,000.
  • Lead Zephyr.Boyd Coddington

Lead ZephyrThe cars are numerous and famous. There is no doubt that Boyd contributed in amazing ways to the automotive landscape of this country. Read the story in the LA Times. Google him. Google the cars.

Here are a few of the cars.